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Dr. Eric Daiter Infertility Specialist

"My initial contact with Blaze inter.Net in December, 1997, dramatically changed my approach to the www and a project that I had been working on for several months. I am a physician with subspecialty training in infertility. Over the years, I have identified a tremendous need within the community for access to information about basic infertility, recurrent miscarriages and endometriosis.

I wrote a 'Couple's Survival Guide' on these topics and needed a way to inexpensively make this information available to the public. The staff at "Blaze" explained to me some of the basics of the www and we began to reformat what I had written, so that it would be easily available on the web. Throughout our discussions, they kept in mind my limited budget and my basic level of computer expertise (novice), yet they were able to make suggestions that I understood and was willing to afford. The final product of these efforts is a highly professional and functional web site that can be easily modified as needed. Computers are difficult for many of us to understand. It is nice to know that experts such as the staff at Blaze inter.Net exist and are accessible.

I can honestly not believe how much I was able to accomplish with this project in a short period of time, especially on a budget. I hope that many others in my sort of situation will find Blaze inter.Net and will become able to complete their projects or access the web."

Dr. Eric Daiter MD
Board Certified Specialist
Infertility and Reproductive Endocrinology
Edison, NJ


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