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"When we made the decision to put our company on the internet; we contacted several prospective companies about designing and hosting our site. This process took several months. Some of the companies we contacted seemed to specialize only in web site design, some only in web site hosting, and still others only in web site marketing. Furthermore, some companies quoted exorbitant rates, while others claimed they could do everything for a couple of hundred dollars. As a result, we were somewhat disillusioned with the entire selection process until we contacted BLAZEinter.NET.

BLAZE inter.NET was the only company we contacted that had an extensive knowledge and understanding of web site design, hosting, and marketing. Moreover, their pricing was reasonable. Our site has been up and running for several months now, and we are very pleased with the results. We have received several compliments on our web site, and the BLAZEinter.NET staff continue to provide A-1 service and support."

Jeff Tushingham
Web site Manager


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