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"For over 70 years, Atlantic Track had always used the most up-to-date methods to market railroad material. It was time to add the world-wide web to our arsenal of sales tools.

The problem was to create a modern, interesting, and unique website for a product line that hadn't changed much over the last 100 plus years. The trick was to feature new products; but our newest product was first produced in 1945. The solution turned out to be easy. We called BLAZE inter.NET.

One dictionary definition of blaze is "to make public far and wide." BLAZE inter.NET has accomplished this for us through a website that includes quick links to "Rail Search", "Frog Finder" and "Rubber Nose Clips." The process was painless and error-free.

If you need a large SUV to go off-road to a supermarket, try a Lincoln. On the other hand, if you require an experienced, reliable, cost-effective, and creative navigator, go to BLAZE".

Ron Dreesen
President - Atlantic Track & Turnout

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