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Since 1924 Atlantic Track & Turnout has been a supplier of rail products and accessories and enjoys its position at the forefront of what is now a worldwide market. Users include railroads, heavy industries, overhead crane and ARS manufacturers, mining companies, railroad and tunnel contractors, transit authorities, and operators of port facilities. Their Transit Division and partners have created a team of companies that supply a full line of products to transit systems and the contractors who build them.

Web Objective: To create an on-line presence that would both promote the company, its products and services while being fresh in the presentation of the products and services.

The Challenge: Atlantic Track & Turnout has not added a new major product in over forty years due to the nature of the rail industry. Knowing the importance of keeping the information within a web site fresh so that users will return often, this created a challenge for the creative minds at BLAZE inter.NET.

The BLAZE inter. NET Solution: During discussions with Mr. Ron Dreesen and after much probing to learn about the rail industry and its users, it was discovered that an ongoing challenge to industry professionals was the identification of older rail sections when it came time for replacement. Since many of the sections of rail have been laid for decades, getting an accurate measurement (weight and length) was extremely difficult due to wear.

It was decided to use the web presence as a resource for engineers and other industry professionals to identify sections of rail by particular measurements such as base width and rail height and web markings. This was done by creating a database with information on the most commonly used types of rail. When the users enters as much or as little information on the section of rail that needs replacement, the database will return any and all possible rail sections that fit the search criteria.

Once a specific type of rail is found via the database visitors can then utilize another powerful feature called the "Frog Finder". By clicking on a special link that is displayed along with the database results, data from the search is automatically passed and inserted into the frog finder page where via a custom created javascript visitors can then work out complicated calculations to deduce recommended switch length and frog and turnout numbers information at the touch of a button.

This Rail Search & Frog Finder features of the Atlantic Track & Turnout web site have produced a significant amount of traffic. The assumption is that if the engineers come to the site to identify the rail section in question, they will click the next button to have an Atlantic Track & Turnout representative contact them about the purchase of the replacement rail section as well as any necessary accessories.

Another feature of the site is an updateable FAQ page. The staff can go to a hidden administration page and with no programming or HTML knowledge edit existing questions, add new or delete old ones. This feature allows the Atlantic Track & Turnout staff to interact and react to their clients needs at a moments notice.

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View Atlantic Track President Ron Dreesen's
comments on his experience with BLAZE inter.NET

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