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Transindigo Inc., formerly Indigo Security Technologies, Inc. (please note the new Home page to the right and the previous one below) provides next generation authorization for e-commerce with its infrastructure software and services for privilege management and information security. The company's state-of-the-art solutions are platform independent, highly scaleable, and employ an open, extensible and standards-based architecture. Indigo Security TechnologiesTransindigo's Privilege Management Infrastructure enables companies to effectively manage the breadth and depth of electronic interaction among customers, suppliers, partners and employees. Indigo supports all platforms, from e-commerce Web infrastructures to back office legacy systems.


Web Objective: To create an on-line presence that would promote the company and its services with a high tech look and feel while being a functional resource for its existing clients, new clients and those who are following Transindigo's progress as an Internet start-up.

The Challenge: With the RSA Convention just a couple of weeks away, Transindigo needed BLAZE inter.NET to create a quality web site with a very high tech edge in a few short weeks. Mr. John Weinschenk, CEO of Transindigo, was very decisive about awarding the porject to BLAZE inter.NET based on the work presented in the portfolio section of the BLAZE web site. Mr. Weinschenk knew exactly what he wanted portrayed in his new web site and required BLAZE inter.NET to meet his expectations in a very timely manner. He knew as the CEO of an Internet start-up it was imperative that all news pertaining to the company be available as it happened and in a very cost-effective manner. Mr. Weinschenk also needed a way to accumulate data on users requesting to view his company's white papers but without being clumsy and expecting the users to be burdened with extended periods of time waiting for a password. And he was not disappointed.

The BLAZE inter. NET Solution: Realistically, BLAZE inter.NET could not guarantee completion of a high quality web site in such as short time frame, but it did accept the challenge of getting key components of the site in place so visitors to the Transindigo presentations at the RSA Convention would have vital information available to them on the web.

Aside from successfully getting these key components of the site in place, BLAZE inter.NET was able to surpass Transindigo's goal. BLAZE inter.NET created the updateable functionality within the News section of the site as well as the registration process to access the company's white papers.

The former site's Splash page was an example of 3D animation created for Indigo Security. (See the graphic above.) The graphic was of a cube with three rows and three columns, similar to a Rubic's cube, which solved iteself in three moves as displayed in the graphics above. After the cube solves itself, the page automatically refreshes to display the site's Home page. BLAZE inter.NET can create these browser-friendly 3D animations to your company's web site.

The News section of the site is updateable through the site's administration area. Transindigo staff can go to a secure administration page to edit existing company news articles and add new or delete old items with no programming or HTML knowledge. This feature allows Transindigo the flexibility to get the information out to the public as quickly as it happens. Later BLAZE inter.NET created a similar area for Transindigo to post all magazine and newspaper articles written about the company onto the site within their Press Room area.

BLAZE inter.NET created a password-protected area of the site for access to the company's white papers. Existing clients that have their password can immediately login to this area. Those visitors who do not have a password are prompted to complete a registration questionnaire. The questionnaire is an e-mail reply form that asks the visitor to enter pertinent information on their company so that Transindigo can qualify the visitor before allowing admission to the information within.

This web site is a true resource for Transindigo's clients as well as for those following the growth and success of the company. The web site supplies up-to-date information on the company and what others are saying about it.

Afterword: A true testament to the level of quality and success of a company is the strength of its ongoing relationships with clients and partners. BLAZE inter.NET is founded on these very relationships. Nearly every one of the companies that have been served by BLAZE inter.NET come back to BLAZE inter.NET when their projects need updates and additions. Case in point, Transindigo. As mentioned above, Indigo Security Technologies has just recently changed its name to Transindigo. It is because of their satisfaction with the work provided by BLAZE inter.NET on its initial web project that Indigo Security, now Transindigo, did not hesitate to contact BLAZE for the update work to their web site.


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