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"Thank you for all the work the work that you, Bo, and the whole Blaze staff have done for us in developing, building, and designing our web site.

Everyone at Blaze has taken tremendous time to listen to our needs and to make our dream of having a stylish, user-friendly web site a reality. We greatly appreciate your visits to our shop, your guidance through the maze that is the Internet, and all you computer expertise. Your professionalism and creativity is refreshing at a time when many firms seem more interested in the bottom line than in the customer.

We always enjoy hearing from our customers that they saw us "on the web" and we are proud to say that Blaze helped us get there. We value the strong, collaborative working relationship that we have had with you and we look forward to continuing to work with you to make a truly professional and successful site.

We wish you much continued success in the future, and we look forward to being part of it, too."

Marcia Sacks
President - Creative Caterers

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