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Since 1978, Sigma Validation has been providing services to the marketing research community that help monitor and measure adherence to research standards. Many consumer product manufacturers, research suppliers and data collection agencies now use Sigma Validation's Duplicate NumberĀ® Search as a standard validation technique. They provide services that help ensure and maintain quality research standards in North America. Their web site is intended to be viewed by marketing research professionals only. A pass code is required to view this web site in its entirety.

Web Objective: To create an on-line presence that would promote the company and its services while being a functional resource for consumer product manufacturers, research suppliers and data collection agencies.

The Challenge: Sigma Validation knew that their clients were not comfortable sending confidential information via e-mail. They needed an extremely user-friendly method for securing this data during transmission without inconveniencing their clients by making them uniformly install a software program just to do business through the web site. Another issue that arose was the fact that the reporting for the Duplicate Number Search and the Name Bank were filled with a great deal of information and that new clients sometimes needed assistance in interpreting all the data. This created a challenge for the creative minds at BLAZE inter.NET.

The BLAZE inter. NET Solution: During the initial meetings with Ms. Lisa Elrod, the BLAZE inter.NET team did its best to understand Sigma Validation's business and to assess the needs of both Sigma Validation and its clients. It was through these meetings that the issue of secure transmission of data was discussed as well as the issue of report interpretation and Sigma's need to have their web site password protected. These needs all came to the surface after asking many questions in order to provide Sigma Validation a custom solution and not just a web site.

First, BLAZE inter.NET password protected only the areas of the site requested by Sigma Validation. Existing clients that have their password can immediately login to the site. Those visitors who do not have a password are prompted to complete a registration questionnaire. The questionnaire is an e-mail reply form that asks the visitor to enter pertinent information on their company so that Sigma Validation can qualify the visitor before allowing admission to the information within.

Then, in regard to the secure data send, BLAZE inter.NET created an area within the site where clients could FTP documents through SSL using 128 bit encryption directly to the Sigma Validation server. Sigma Validation would then be notified by e-mail that information was waiting for them on the server and they would use the same 128-bit encryption to download the document. In this manner, the document is never exposed outside of the secure link up.

Within the site are samples of each of the reports generated by the Sigma Validation services. BLAZE inter.NET set up the sample reports within a framed page. When the user mousses over a section of the report, its explanation appears at the bottom of the screen within a frame and changes when the next area of the sample report is chosen.

Another feature of the site is the updateable FAQ page. The staff can go to a hidden administration page and with no programming or HTML knowledge edit existing questions, add new or delete old ones. This feature allows Sigma Validation the flexibility to cater the information to the feedback being received from the users of the site.

This web site is a true resource for Sigma Validation's clients, supplying needed information and interacting with the users. When it comes to choosing between a company that supplies information to its clients from 9 am to 5 pm or a company that can provide a resource twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, the choice is clear.

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View Sigma Validation Vice President Lisa Elrod's
comments on her experience with BLAZE inter.NET

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