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BLAZE inter.NET is a solutions oriented development firm that specializes in web site and database design and development, as well as computer based training (CBT) programs and multimedia applications. BLAZE inter.NET assists companies to maximize their potential to realize increased sales and enhance company-wide communications via use of Internet technologies. Through proper application of Internet technologies, BLAZE inter.NET can help your company to better operate, communicate and, therefore compete in global, regional, and yes, local markets.

When investigating on-line development, it is critical for your company to realize its Internet audience will include future clients, existing clients, employees, sales reps, suppliers and investors. Why is this so important while considering Web site development?

First impressions. Your web site will most likely be the visitor's first formal, and hopefully, meaningful introduction to your company. It may or may not be where your product or service is physically purchased, but be assured, your Internet presence will be a huge factor in the decision making process; one that can close doors or swiftly propel your company forward.

Fact: The #1 use of the Internet today is to perform research prior to making a purchasing decision.

Your Success Equals Our Success:

BLAZE inter.NET has shown many companies how the Internet is a viable business medium for all industries. The BLAZE team has helped these companies to realize that their Internet presence, when implemented properly and with very high quality, is an indispensable conduit and tool for growth.

Our expertise as a firm lies in our creative approach to web development. By combining an understanding of the needs of our clients and their core business with a comprehensive understanding of the latest Internet technologies and how they can be used most effectively, BLAZE inter.NET is able to offer our clients the most comprehensive solutions to their communication and business generation goals.

By working with clients in industries ranging from manufacturers/distributors to personal & professional services to entertainment and retail, BLAZE inter.NET is able to offer its clients fresh, innovative applications and perspectives in web site development.

What makes an effective web site?

Since your web site will by viewed by clients, employees and vendors, it is essential that your site provide pertinent content and timely information in a format that is interesting, interactive and dynamic. There are several steps in the process to developing a site that is effective.

A BLAZE representative will first visit with your company to learn about your products, clients, current operations and your objectives. From the information provided, BLAZE inter.NET develops an on-line design with functionality that will enable your site to act as a resource for your clients and as a hub for corporate communications. The right information presented with the right strategy will result in achieving your corporate objectives. The front end of the site is then developed with your creative input, one that will reflect your corporate look, feel and theme.

Will my site have to evolve over time?

Like your business, your web site is not meant to be static. It is very important to realize that your Internet presence is an ongoing process. Without subsequent analysis, adjustments and ongoing promotion of your site, your company will never realize the fullest potential from its Internet presence. That is why BLAZE inter.NET has developed comprehensive reporting packages for our clients. With our help, you will not only stay abreast of how well your site is functioning today, but also how it can be improved as your business environment changes over time. BLAZE inter.NET can provide services to keep you informed of new technologies, trends in your industry, what your direct competition is doing right and wrong and your ever-changing placement within search engines.

Today, Next Year, & Beyond…

BLAZE inter.NET wants to ensure that you are maximizing your on-line presence and achieving your desired results. Our goal is to build a working relationship with our clients as their on-line business partner. With over 15 years experience in technology, marketing and promotion, multimedia and the Internet, BLAZE inter.NET is well positioned to assist you today, next year and throughout the course of your company's presence on the web. BLAZE inter.NET is a company with a proven track record of successful web sites and satisfied clients.

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