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It's been nearly 20 years since founder, Bo Blaze started the BLAZE inter.NET parent company, Blaze Productions. Over those two decades, the Blaze name has stood for the very best in web site and database design, multimedia and interactive CD-Rom applications, computer-based training (CBT) programs, video/film production & direction, video capture & editing, jingles, voiceovers, underscoring and much more

BLAZE inter.NET places tremendous emphasis on its commitment to client relations. Our goal has, and will always be, to provide the highest quality service at the greatest value; a feat unequalled in the industry. BLAZE inter.NET clients include many small businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies including Time Warner, Sharp Electronics, Sherwin Williams, BASF and Philips.

Designing quality web sites that will meet your objectives and optimize the opportunity for return on your investment is NOT a simple process. Remember, the web is a double-edged sword. On the web, the quality of your company is judged solely by the look and feel of your web site. A well-designed and developed web site can make a small company look much larger, while a poor site can make the biggest of companies look small and ineffective. What kind of first impression do you want to make on over 100 million web users?

Creating effective, cohesive and excellent web sites/multimedia projects in today's business environment is a complicated and truly challenging process. When deciding on a web designer, be sure they have extensive experience in programming, graphic design, page layout, hosting, marketing and client relations. It is imperative that a new media company be knowledgeable in all of these areas to properly service your account. BLAZE inter.NET has been pleasing its clients by providing patient and friendly service of the highest quality for nearly 20 years with extensive experience in ALL of the above-mentioned areas.

Design and Layout - There are many subtleties and nuances involved with designing a user-friendly web site. Through the use of primary, secondary and sub-navigation, BLAZE inter.NET's design allows the user to move easily through your web site, creating a pleasant experience and return visits by the user. Your company's web site will have no dead ends and no one-way streets. The user will not have to back-track to a particular page in order to move onto another and there will be no need for the user to click the BACK button.

A proper design allows the user to effortlessly navigate the site and find the necessary information, presented in a clean and professional manner. A more pleasurable experience for the user, translates into return visits, referrals and increased web traffic.

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Programming - BLAZE inter.NET's programming staff has extensive experience creating custom programs and databases with the necessary functionality to complete any web operation. These custom programs are designed and created for our clients as opposed to the use of off-the-shelf software packages. No off-the-shelf product could provide the complete range of functions offered by custom programming. There is no need to settle for a limited range of functions when a custom-designed product is available at a similar investment.

The preferred programming and database application used by BLAZE inter.NET is Allaire's ColdFusion. Allaire's ColdFusion is a complete development and deployment platform. Fast and scalable, the proven technology in ColdFusion drives tens of thousands of enterprise and e-commerce applications for leading companies worldwide. Based on the proficiency of the programming team, BLAZE inter.NET has been accepted into the Allaire Alliance Consulting Partner Program. Acceptance into this program is an endorsement by the manufacturer, Allaire, as to the ability and stature of the BLAZE inter.NET professionals.

Beyond ColdFusion, BLAZE inter.NET has displayed its knowledge and expertise in many other applications. These applications include, but are not limited to Active Server Pages (ASP), C/C++, Visual Basic, Java, HTML and Perl as well as Flash and Director.

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Graphics - There is more to putting images on your web site than scanning a photo or graphic and placing it on the correct page. One of the key factors in a successful web site is the speed at which your pages download. There are several areas that can influence the speed of the download. One is the hosting service used to house the programs that make up your web site. Another is the equipment belonging to the user, which nothing can be done about. Another factor, one that can be controlled, is the manipulation and optimization of the photos and graphics used within the site.

The BLAZE inter.NET graphics team understands the principles that influence the download of the web site. Photographs can be viewed in various formats, but not all of those lend themselves to use within a web site. Knowing the formats and the file sizes that are most likely associated with each, and how each format is best used can be extremely advantageous to a quality web site

Once photo file formats are chosen, the manipulation and optimization process begins. One sure sign of an amateur design is a photograph that looks as though it were arbitrarily slapped onto a web page. The idea is to make a photograph stand out because of its quality look. There are many ways to accomplish this, such as cropping, edging and other optimizing techniques. The BLAZE graphics team can embellish your existing marketing photos and graphics by vignetting the images or creating multi-layered collages that fade and blend images. Also using photo-realistic images, which combine graphics and photos, make for striking images to grab the user's attention. BLAZE inter.NET can even create an entirely new look or logo for your company!

BLAZE inter.NET also has extensive experience with FLASH, which is an eye-catching combination of 3D animation and sound. Our graphics team can create the 3D models and add synchronized sound to create outstanding, quality presentations of your company's products or services. FLASH can also be of great addition to multimedia presentations that can then be used to display, promote and/or train users, distributors and employees as to the benefits and uses of your products and services.

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Multimedia - BLAZE inter.NET can translate your company's promotion or teaching materials into a multimedia presentation combining animation, live video, audio, voice over, text and 2D and 3D graphic artwork. These multimedia presentations can be presented in CD-Rom format, interactive kiosks or in somewhat limited variations over the Internet or company Extranet. By taking multimedia tasks and adding testing and tracking, your company can employ these applications in very cost-effective computer-based training.

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Computer-Based Training (CBT) - Through its expertise and knowledge of the web and multimedia applications, BLAZE inter.NET can assist your company streamline its training processes. And of course by streamlining any process, there are tremendous company-wide savings involved. Our consultants can present the full plan to your company's management team and describe in detail all the benefits and savings involved with using CBT programs.

The benefits of a computer-based training program include:

  • Standardized training and testing procedures - Your company would have the ability to control the content and focus of training materials to bring about a uniform training process. All training and testing can be structured by department.
  • 24/7 availability of training - The training courses can be made available at any time of the day or night.
  • Employee certification and evaluation - The training and testing process can be monitored to determine each employee's progress and results. ยท Pre-test job applicants - New candidates for positions within your company can be pre-tested to determine product knowledge.
  • Centralized testing - CBT would alleviate much of the expense of having trainers travel extensively through the country to present the information. There would also be less need for employees to be flown in to corporate headquarters for training and testing.
  • Cost justification - The total savings on testing and training (travel, accommodations, materials, etc.), which could amount to millions of dollars, would far outweigh the investment in the development of the computer-based training program.

Computer-based training does not necessarily alleviate classroom training altogether, but it does make the classroom training more cost-effective by ensuring that all participants do have a uniform baseline knowledge and start all training from a similar starting point. Computer-based training can be performed locally through CD-Rom or intranet, or over the web through a company extranet.

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Hosting - BLAZE inter.NET is a full service design house offering hosting services for our clients. We partner with major hosting providers representing the top names in the industry. These partnerships provide extremely dependable, high quality and exceptionally cost-effective hosting services for our clients. This includes everything from low-cost virtual servers to high-end dedicated servers to handle unlimited traffic.

BLAZE inter.NET professionals can set up your web site on an appropriate and cost-effective server and based on projections of initial site traffic. As your site grows, BLAZE experts can then consult with you on the best ways to proceed to handle increased traffic. The cost-justification of each additional upgrade in hosting service is generally more than offset by the business generated by the increase in traffic.

Included with the hosting service is an e-mail set-up, designed to meet your e-mail needs. Your e-mail can be delivered via any combination of e-mail aliases and POP accounts. Your account representatives can assist you in determining which combination best fits your needs.

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Marketing - Being a full service design house, BLAZE inter.NET offers as part of their web development package, an initial submission to the top search engines on the web. BLAZE inter.NET is very experienced in optimizing your web pages during the course of development for best possible placement within the search engines. Most of our clients do find great success in this initial submission.

There is an entire industry devoted to positioning within the search engines and directories. Because our clients look to us for leadership on the web, we always do our best to offer the greatest balance between the premium and the most cost-effective solutions when dealing with web position. Managing a web site's placement within the search engines is a very time-intensive task. BLAZE inter.NET can recommend the best solution for your web positioning needs. This could range from recommending the proper software tools to perform the task in-house, to training, to consulting on the best choices of web placement companies and programs.

BLAZE inter.NET can also assist your company with other traffic-building programs available on the web. These would include, but not be limited to banner campaigns and exchanges, opt-in e-mail programs and Internet press release programs. BLAZE inter.NET can provide your people with recommendations on the most cost-effective manner to proceed in promoting your company's Internet presence.

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Client Relations - The BLAZE inter.NET staff is always professional and courteous when dealing with new, existing and potential clients. It is this professionalism that has earned the BLAZE team such high marks from the people we serve. Clients have consistently noted the professional and friendly service provided, which makes the entire web development process a much more pleasurable experience. The BLAZE sales consultants are regularly commended by clients for listening to their needs and delivering solutions that surpass their expectations. BLAZE sales consultants are not in the business of telling the client what they need. Instead, through probing questions, the BLAZE sales consultants do their best to understand your company's online objectives, identify your customers/users, recognize the information they will be looking for to make your web site an industry resource to promote return visits and increased traffic.

Please note the rotating quotes from our clients on the top of each page of this web site or feel free to review the full testimonials to get a feel for the high level of service you can expect when you work with the BLAZE inter.NET team.

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